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Q: What RPM does the alternator cut on at?

A: The alternators will charge at idle.





Q: When does the alternator put out voltage?


A: It will put out full voltage as soon as the alternator cuts on and will remain around the same voltage throughout the RPM range. We also offer the optional  adjustable voltage from 13-20 volts.





Q: How long have you been building alternators?


A: I've been building alternators for over 18 years. I take pride in my work and have built an excellent reputation throughout the world with distributors worldwide.





Q: How can you sell them so cheap compared to other companies?


A: I am the Owner and operator of Excessive Amperage and I also do all of the custom building and answering of e-mails. I have no employee payroll and my shop and all equipment is paid for. This allows me to sell high quality products for lower prices and because I custom build each alternator, if there is ever a problem, you don't get the run-around about who caused the problem (such as shipping, billing etc.). I also order parts in bulk so we get better pricing, we stock a large amount of parts for almost any vehicle made !





Q: What colors are available?


A: We offer custom painting of almost any color. We also do our own in house high quality custom powdercoating, awsome looks with a great finish for many years. Most of our powdercoating is under $45 !





Q: Do you offer alternators in chrome?


A: I do not like to build our alternators with chrome plating as it hold heat and will reduce the life of the alternator. I can do a "chrome look" powdercoating or we also offer polishing. Please contact us for pricing on powdercoating or polishing.





Q: Do you make higher output alternators that are good for daily use ?


A: Yes, we do offer up to 350 amps that will do well for a daily driver and is built to withstand the abuse of a competition vehicle ! Please contact us for vehicle fitment and pricing.






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