Our alternators are the perfect power solution for the Car Audio Competitor . An upgraded High Output Alternator is by far the best upgrade for your high power application. It's the best way to supply your amps with the juice they need. We offer 350 amps of power for several vehicles !  Look for stickers on vehicles running Excessive Amperage Alternators at all major car audio competitions around the world.


I have been custom building alternators for over 18 years and have a very good reputation throughout the world. I install custom overdrive pulleys and resistors to help the unit to "cut on" at a lower rpm than other high output alternators. I also use a specially designed rear housing to keep the alternator cooler on specific units.


At Excessive Amperage - High Output Alternators , we put quality before quantity always! When you buy an alternator from us, you can be sure it is made of the highest quality parts available. We also offer special mods for high rpm applications to keep your alternator reliable under extreme use. We also offer in house powdercoating and painting. Polishing is also availableWe also carry the heavy gauge wiring your new alternator needs to carry that extra current to your accessories. We will cut the wire to the length you need and cap it with gold plated ring terminals at each end. Prices as low as $2.00 per ft.

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